Employment of Population

Last year, the economically active population was estimated at 2 million. 533 thousand people, of which 2 mln. 480 thousand people or 98% of them are engaged in economic spheres.
141 thousand 820 people applied to labor and employment agencies, 106 thousand 262 people were registered as job seekers and 58 thousand 908 of them were officially granted unemployment status.

During this period, 205 thousand 773 people were provided with social services by labor, migration and employment agencies. Out of 70 thousand 641 employed 7 thousand 23 people got jobs through closed jobs (quotas), 3 thousand 323 people got jobs through micro-soft loans, 8 thousand 238 people got jobs through job fairs.


At the same time, 9 thousand 733 graduates of vocational courses, as well as 42 thousand 324 people were provided with jobs through vouchers from labor and employment agencies at the expense of vacancies.


Last year, 847 job fairs were held in the country. 9,477 enterprises and institutions took part in these fairs, 12,508 people were sent to work and 6,950 people were sent for vocational training, and 1,594 people were sent to paid public works.


10 million somoni have been provided to 3,323 unemployed people for entrepreneurship. 340 thousand somoni of financial assistance was provided. In particular, 4 million somoni have been allocated for 1,459 people to carry out production activities. 953 thousand somoni, for conducting business to 1030 people 3 mln. 495 thousand somoni and for the provision of services to the population to 834 people in the amount of 1 million. 892 thousand somoni of financial assistance was provided.


In addition, 5 million somoni have been allocated to support 1901 women and youth entrepreneurship initiatives. 914 thousand somoni, to 1 246 young people 3 mln. 888 thousand somoni and 3 million somoni for the development of folk crafts to 928 people. 20 thousand somoni of soft loans were issued.

In vocational education institutions 72 thousand 738 people were involved in vocational training courses and adult recognition procedures, of which 11 thousand 89 were women.

12 million 899 people have been provided with social assistance worth 7 million somoni. 586 thousand somoni in unemployment benefits have been paid.

Last year, 189 thousand 188 new jobs were created from all sources, of which 70 thousand 297 or 37.2 percent were permanent jobs, 73 thousand 327 or 38.8 percent were temporary jobs and 38 thousand 623 or 20 jobs were created. , 4 percent are seasonal jobs. Of the newly created jobs, 61% are in the real sector and 39% in the service sector.

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