Муассисаҳои касбӣ

Reception of citizens

 № p / n  The management of the Ministry Reception days  Hours 
1 Minister
Jabborzoda Gulru
Saturday 10:00-12:00
2 First Deputy Minister
Сангинзода Эмин Нуъмон
Tuesday, Thursday 8:00-12:00
3 Заместитель Министра
Махмадуллозода Нурулло Рахматулло
Monday, Wednesday 8:00-12:00
4 Заместитель Министра
Мирзозода Абдусалом Назарали
Monday, Wednesday 8:00-12:00
5 Chiefs of departments and divisions of the central apparatus of the Ministry Daily 8:00-17:00
6 Reception of citizens.
(Appointments to the Minister or his deputies)
Daily 8:00-17:00









The citizens, who had come from distant regions, regardless of the schedule reception, can be taken as Vice Minister during the working day.